ILC offers a broad range of services for a diverse clientele. Please note that services highlighted below do not provide an extensive list. If there is a service that you need that is not listed, please feel free to contact us.

If you are interested in a service listed below, please click HERE, fill out the requested information and we will respond within 24 to 48 business hours.

Partial Hospitalization Program

PHP is an intensive day treatment program that serves a mixed population of consumers who may be suffering with HIV, psychiatric disorders, and alcohol and /or other drug abuse issues.

Patients within the PHP engage in group and individual therapy. This combination of treatment promotes ongoing stabilization and recovery, understanding of addiction as a disease, increased coping skills and increased social and interpersonal skills.

Ryan White Funding

Through this grant funded by the Ryan White Foundation, the Integrated Life Center is offering mental health and substance abuse treatment services to eligible low income clients.

Services offered include (but are not limited to):

* Psychiatric Evaluations
* Individualized Treatment Planning
* Free Psychotropic Medications for 30
* Individual Counseling
* Weekly mental health/substance abuse

Project LINK

Project Link is a two level project that assists “homeless men” suffering from substance abuse and mental Illness.

Level I: Consists of an 8-week intensive outpatient co-occurring substance abuse and mental health treatment program serving homeless men.

Level II: Consists of up to 4-months of follow-up supportive case management to assist clients with their adjustment to semi-independent or independent living. During this phase of treatment, services are targeted to support client’s maintenance of their drug-free lifestyle, support for on-going relationship with the community mental health system, continued involvement with the 12 Step Program, and linking clients with community resources that address employment and job training needs. Random drug screens will continue to be required.

Funded by: SAMHSA/CSAT

Outpatient Services

•Group counseling and seminars offered in the following areas:

-Adolescence (grief and loss, childhood trauma and childhood / parental substance abuse)

-Anxiety and it’s effect on our lives

-Corporate / Work place team building

-Couples Connection (Dating and / or married couples enhancement)

-Recovering from Divorce

-Facing and overcoming depression

-Personal Growth (Process group designed for i individuals currently receiving individual therapy and medication management within ILC.)

-Personal Growth II (Specialty group designed to help clients find their passion and set goals.)

-Relapse prevention

-Overcoming Trauma

-Grief and Loss

Individual counseling including but not limited to:

– Marriage and Family Counseling

– Drug / alcohol rehabilitation and / or relapse prevention

– Stress management

– Postpartum / miscarriage related depression

– Overcoming depression

– Conflict resolution

– Anger management

– Career adjustments

– Life transition (divorce, unemployment, etc)

– Co-occurring illness

Medication Management

– Offers medication assistance through an onsite
medical director and physicians assistant. Persons receiving medication management are also required to receive a minimum of 4 hours of therapeutic counseling.